Artist Statement

Detail of media mix on cotton canvas Feather painted by contemporary figurative artist Matteo Fieno.
Matteo Fieno, artistic anatomy, original charcoal drawing, female body drawing, contemporary Italian artist
Insider, is a watercolor female nude on paper by the figurative artist Matteo Fieno, contemporary art artists.

The female subject represents for me the essence of the mystery, although I have long been surrounded by her assiduous presence.

This profound elective affinity continually pushes me to try to imagine the infinite interior atmospheres, the  same  ones that have always silently accompanied  my steps and  that still cross my  everyday  life  in a different way.

Immersed in the bucolic life in the heart of the Piedmontese Langhe, I cultivate a visionary “otium” every day that gives concrete form to my imagination "in pink".

In 2018 born the project "Female Art Design": a series of figures of women that escapes the monotony of the  repetition of the  subject, scanning  multiple  ordinary  situations  with a  point of  view  that  is  never unique and based only on the suggestion of the moment, returned in the evocative details that they project the scene in a limbo suspended in space and time.

Every body that is revealed in its nakedness or that manifests its physicality in an intimate, glamorous or fitness outfit, brings with it the possibility of imagining the mood of the soul to which it belongs, of glimpsing the truth of its imperfections, of approaching it to the mystery that lies at the origin of life, the same that I find every day even in the rural dimension.

In  addressing the  essential traits of my characters,   I  cancel the  distances  between  me  and them until I identify  myself in those bodies,  isolating  a fragment  of  history in  common  that  makes  them  publicly credible and usable in a collective diary of human awareness, rendered through grace and the unsaid of the feminine universe, from which everyone can thus draw to build a new narrative of their own.

In the moment of final confrontation  with the spectator,  the title  of the  story becomes a decisive element of contact, with a cinematographic and Hollywood flavor.

Every work of mine is like a cloud in the sky seen through the eyes of a child: it is not only the beauty of a figure, the harmony of a form, the humanity of a subject, but above all a universal dimension bypassed by individual introspection and from the daily experience of each observer.

Everything  originates  from the sketch  of a vision.  The drawing is the  structural part of all my figurations, while the nuance is the  background  that  hides the  details of the  narrative  context  to the  observer's gaze, forcing him to resort to his own invention.

I draw with  pencil and charcoal, I paint with watercolors, oil and acrylic, always with little color to suggest an atmosphere and a lot of sign to define the subject's gesture.

I  look for  a soft,  almost  fluid visual  matter,  underlined  by  the  traces of the  process of  contamination between  the different  techniques: the water soiled by the brushes,  with drops  of a color  now undefined, spots and fingerprints remained visible, trails and smears of the graphic sign dragged on surface, without a targeted outcome. Just like my stories of imperfect bodies, which preserve the error as a constitutive value of the person.