About me

Matteo Fieno, born in 1981, is an artist from Piedmont that since the past three years has devoted his life to his greatest passion: Art. 
Working on his creations in his evocative atelier house located in the Langhe area, recognized by UNESCO as an heritage site, he creates paintings that have as their unique and undisputed theme the female universe, which is why he is therefore known as "the artist of women".

Appreciated, thanks to his talent, by collectors and gallerists, he has already been acclaimed by Vittorio Sgarbi, and in 2019, just one year after his debut, his first solo exhibition was curated in Milan: Declinazioni al femminile, consisting of 42 canvases in which most could see themselves identified.

In 2020, in Turin, set in the former Macario theater, his second solo exhibition had place, displaying 22 works and canvases created during lock-down, narrating "Quel Pazzo 2020" , through works that along their feminine declinations represent the innate female strength as, once again, one of the keys to rebirth.

Recently he presented his third solo exhibition Le Ragazze di Madame Odette at Wikiarte Art Gallery in Bologna, Italy.

For all the solo shows, Fieno has created and published: Il Diario di Declinazioni al Femminile (2019), Il Diario di Quel Pazzo 2020 declinato al femminile (2020) and Il Diario di Le Ragazze di Madame Odette (2021), which accompany the exhibitions by associating stories, passions, feelings, beauty, fears and emotions to each artwork, thus offering the public not just exhibitions, but real dialogues between art and literature.

Among his commission works, the most important is "Le amanti del Re": a collection of six paintings on paper, conceived and realized for the starred Guido Ristorante located in Vittorio Emanuele II's estate in Serralunga d'Alba, Piedmont. Among his installations, the most significant is definitely Big Bang, a large-scale work located at the lounge bar of the Otium Pea Club, top floor of Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park in the world (in Turin).

In 2020, he worked in collaboration, as an ambassador, with the Italian brush shop Borciani&Bonazzi.

His work has been published, among others, in the La Stampa newspaper (November 2019), he was featured twice on MarieClaire.com (October 2020) and on Artibune (July 2021).