Matteo Fieno contemporary figurative artist atelier and studio
My atelier, matteo fieno's atelier in bucolic Langhe. Contemporary figurative artist.
Matteo Fieno, contemporary figurative artist, contemporary figurative painters, emerging artist, italian painters, fine art
Matteo Fieno, emerging contemporary figuartive artist atelier in Italy, Alba

About me

I'm an emerging contemporary figurative artist, my atelier is located in Italy, in the Unesco Heritage area of Langhe, in the region of Piemonte. 


After graduating from the Art School, I attended the "LAL International English School" in Fort Laudardale, Florida, to improve my business English.

Back to Italy I started working in marketing area of UniEuro by Dixon Group in Piacenza headquarter, than for Red Head creative agency in Torino.


In 2018 I started the project "Female Art Design" with the aim of making my works known online, especially on Instagram, where I quickly gained  several artistic collaborations. 


Since then I've participated in numerous prestigious art events both in Italy and abroad, many of them have been curated or presented by Vittorio Sgarbi, Philippe Daverio and Paolo Levi (the most influence Italian art critics) , I've received various awards and recognitions, I've been selected as a finalist in several art competitions and I've been featured in various publications in art magazines and blogs. 


I'm currently working on my first personal exhibition to be held at the Milan Art Gallery, in Milano. 

Through my artworks I try to provoke the "impression" of having already lived, cried, laughed, fallen and then raised again, having collected the fruits of hard work ... in short, having already experienced a similar situation of my female creation histories, with the aim of freeing the repressed desire for a return to the past, or even to the origins, to an individual disillusioned by the consuming society and confused by the constant technological changes.