Solo Exhibition

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" Declinazioni al femminile"

NEXT  - my first SOLO exhibition will be held at "Milano Art Gallery" in Milan, Italy

Main Collective Exhibitions

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"Biennale Di Milano"

October 2019  - presented by Vittorio Sgarbi in Milan at Brera Site.

 "Art Parma Fair"

October 2019  - at "Art Parma Fair" my "Female Legacy" was exhibited as a result of a won Prize (Biancoscuro Art Contest). 

"Sembra complesso" curated by Anna Soricaro

August / September 2019 - at art Gallery "Zero1" Barletta, Italy.  Sponsored by Fondazione De Nittis.

"Mostra Internazionale" curated by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi

June / July 2019 - curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, at  "Palazzo Leti Sensi” in Spoleto, Italy. 

"Paris Artexpo" curated by Leonarda Zappulla   

June  2019 -  Paris Artexpo curated by Leonarda Zappulla, sponsored by Art Now and Effetto Arte, at "Galerie Thuillier" in Paris

"Mantova Artexpo 2019" curated by Serena Carlino   

June 2019 -  At Museo Gonzaga in Mantova, Italy, curated by Serena Carlino.

"Sugerencias" curated by Silvia Arfelli

June 2019 - at "BCM Art Gallery" Barcelona, Spain

"Pro Biennale" presented by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi

May 2019 - curated by  Vittorio Sgarbi at  "Scuola Grande di San Teodoro", Venice, Italy. 

"Foncé" and "Silver Star" in show won "Premio Caravaggio"

"Human Connections" curated by Monica Ferrarini

April 2019 - at art Gallery  "Ess&rre", Rome, Italy.

"Non Sogni" curated by Anna Soricaro

March 2019 - at art Gallery "Zero1" Barletta, Italy.  Sponsored by Fondazione De Nittis.

"Animus et Anima" curated by Gina Affinito

February 2019 - at "complesso di San Severo al Pendino" Napoli, Italy.
Sponsored by Napoli city hall.

"Disegnarte" curated by Laborart

February 2019 - at art Gallery "Area Contesa Arte" of Rome, Italy. 


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2019 - Finalist of "Premio Internazionale Michelangelo Buonarroti"
2019 - Selected for Short List of "Art Room Award - London" 
2019 - Finalist and winner of "Premio Mostra Collettiva" of "Biancoscuro Art Contest"
2019 - Finalist for the second edition of "Prisma Art Prize"
2019 - Finalist for "Premio Collaterale" of "Premio Lynx"
2019 - Paolo Levi's expertise for Big Jump, quotation of 4000 € 
2019 - Milano Art Gallery Prize, by Vittorio Sgarbi
2019 - Premio Caravaggio, by Vittorio Sgarbi

Featured on

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2019 - Featured on art blog Creativinn
2019 - Featured on American web site The New York Journal
2019 - Featured on Issue 34 of art magazine "Biancoscuro"
2019 - Featured on Issue 02 of Italian art magazine "Art Now"
2019 - Publication on art catalog "Artisti Selezionati" of Elena Gollini
2019 - Featured on "Artisti Selezionati" blog section of art blogger Elena Gollini


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LAL International English School, Fort Lauderdale, Miami
Art High School, Cuneo, Italy

Foreign Languages 

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Work Experiences

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Since 2018: Female Art Design, Alba, Italy
Red Head - agenzia creativa marketing and communication area, Torino, Italy
UniEuro - Dixon group, marketing and communication area, Piacenza, Italy

Business & Investment

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Since 2008: associate of Eataly S.r.l.